Green Meetings

Copper recognizes that sustaining our environment is critical to the future success of our business and to future generations. As such, Copper strives to be stewards of our mountain and village environments.

Green Meetings

Copper Conferences and Lodging | Copper Overall Resort Initiatives | How to Create a Greener Conference

Copper Conferences and Lodging


  • Copper recycles in the Copper Conference Center and throughout the village.


  • Copper is working hard to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill and strongly encourages composting.

Waste Reduction

  • The Copper Conference Center uses plates and cutlery instead of paper and plastic products.
  • Copper purchases and offers food in bulk to guests, reducing the waste of individual packaging (i.e. potato chip bags and ketchup packets).

Energy Conservation

  • Copper Lodging Services promotes responsible environmental practices through allowing guests to decline towel and sheet service to save energy.
  • All lighting in the Copper Conference Center has been replaced with efficient light fixtures.

Local National Forest Conservation

  • Copper offers lodging guests and conference groups the opportunity to voluntarily make a donation, which is then matched at 50% by the National Forest Foundation (NFF), to support conserve the White River National Forest. Copper and the NFF have donated over $65,000 to local non-profits to restore local trails, maintain river access and much more.

Healthy, Organic Options

  • Copper offers organic food options to conference attendees at the time of booking.

Copper Overall Resort Initiatives

100% Wind Powered

  • Copper has purchased renewable energy credits for all electricity consumed for all mountain operations and Copper-owned facilities.

Solar Power

  • A portion of Copper's Transportation Center electricity is powered by photovoltaic panels.

Energy Conservation

  • Copper has installed efficient lighting fixtures in all day lodges, cafeterias, employee housing and recreation facility.

Green Building

  • Copper's new action sports facility, Woodward at Copper, will achieve two Green Globes. This third-party certification recognizes Copper's efforts towards environmental sustainability for this project.

Employee Environmental Fund

  • Copper employees founded an organization in 2007 to support local youth environmental initiatives. Employees voluntarily donate $1 or more per week, which is matched by Copper, to support local youth environmental programs.

Environmentally-Friendly Buses

  • Copper's three Cobuses are almost 60% more fuel-efficient than Copper's other buses.

How to Create a Greener Conference

  • Ask attendees to carpool and/or arrange flights to arrive in Denver together to reduce the number of vehicles traveling to Copper. Shuttle service from Denver is available and free local bus service is available within Summit County.
  • Actively promote recycling for attendees by announcing during your meetings. Reduce paper waste through printing as little material as possible and including information in central locations or online instead.
  • Offset your conference's environmental impact with renewable energy credits or carbon offsets.
  • Offer organic meals to conference attendees at special events.
  • Purchase environmentally-friendly giveaways for attendees, such as stainless steel water bottles, reusable bags or coffee mugs.
  • Offer a group team-building activity to help Copper protect the environment — like helping maintain National Forest Trails or picking up trash on the ski area mountain.
  • Ask your conference sales manager for custom ideas on ways to create a greener conference for your group.