Organic Options

We believe that satisfying healthy appetites with great food is an important detail in developing a stimulating atmosphere that energizes your group. That's why our chefs go out of their way to prepare every meal with fresh ingredients from scratch. Each plate is delivered to the table as if it just came out of a restaurant kitchen—no matter how large the banquet. As a result of this dedication, our kitchen has earned national recognition.

Food for Thought

Copper's natural backdrop makes it fitting that we offer our guests organic options from our banquet menu. While at 9700′ our growing season is quite short, we endeavor to bring organic produce, as well as natural, hormone and anti-biotic free meat to your table (even if we need to bring it in from the Western Region). We will gladly provide you with the certifiable organic ingredients that we use to prepare your meals.

Copper will customize menus to accommodate your attendee's special dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. Your conference services manager will work with you on your special requests.